Submit Music

It's easy to submit music to DJ Swayd for radio, club, podcast play & mixtape placement! Just make sure you send ALL of the things listed below with it. ***Note that if you send music and your submission email is missing any one of these things the submission will not be reviewed
1) Properly labeled mp3(s)
  • FOR RADIO PLAY CONSIDERATION ONLY: Send no more than (1) songs in mp3 format (1 Song ONLY)
  • FOR PODCAST , OR CLUB PLACEMENT ONLY: Send no more than (1) song in mp3 format + (Clean, Dirty Version ) of the Single you are pushing (1 Song ONLY)
  • This is how your mp3 should be named: Artist Name - Song Name.mp3
  • Your Music Submission does not guarantee a placement on Live On-Air Radio!!!!!!!
2) What's your Twitter / Instagram name? Send me your Twitter / Instagram link!
  • If you do not have a Instagram or Twitter account, get one here for Free: Go to Twitter
  • ***Having a Instagram & Twitter account is a requirement at*** Get your Instagram Account by downloading the app on your smartphone.
3) Time is Money = $50 Dollars is required to complete your music submission. 
     To do this click here -->   

4) Finally email your track to